Zertifikate und Qualitätskontrolle

Quality control

Our work is carried out at every stage in accordance with national regulations, EU legislation and directives on cosmetic products, public health and environmental protection.

Our products are systematically analysed in our quality control department, along with document verification at reception, ensuring traceability and compliance before validation.

Since 2011 we have chosen one of the most renowned organic certifications, the Ecocert and COSMOS standard.

We do not test our products on animals

We are against animal testing

We, Ellemental, do not perform or require animal testing for the purpose of demonstrating the efficacy or safety of the products and ingredients we carry. European legislation has banned animal testing of cosmetic products and ingredients for cosmetic purposes since 2013.

Our products are safe

Well established raw materials and cosmetic ingredients with a long history of use have all been extensively tested and approved for use and sale, with clear safety data validated and issued by regulatory authorities. Our products are safe when used as intended.

Testing using modern techniques

Raw materials and cosmetic ingredients recently introduced on the market, benefit from modern testing techniques and non-animal methods. All our products are vegan, with the exception of some such as beeswax, lanolin, royal jelly, propolis.

EOBBD Quality Standard

ELLEMENTAL essential oils are pure, authentic, compliant with the E.O.B.B.D. standard
Although there are many evaluation systems for ensuring the quality of an essential oil, the highest globally recognised standard is E.O.B.B.D. - essential oil botanically and biochemically defined. This rigorous standard includes tracking each batch of oil, botanical description, organoleptic characteristics, extraction method and full physico-chemical analysis. The E.O.B.B.D. assessment has a number of elements that ensure the quality and therapeutic properties of the essential oil for each stage of the production and distribution process, from plant to bottle.

Certification of our Organic Products

Since 2011 we have chosen one of the most recognized organic certifications, the Ecocert COSMOS standard. Ecocert France inspects the entire chain of organic cosmetic products in our portfolio, from the procurement of raw materials to the filling, packaging, storage, shipping and delivery process.

Quality, safety, traceability, packaging, storage and labelling of products, compliance with hygiene rules, administrative records, internal and commercial documents as well as all in-house practices are monitored and verified in terms of organic and ecological principles.
Since 2021 some of our products are also food grade, so we have obtained Organic Farming certification.

Organic Farming



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